nothing to envy

what happens to you after you are born?

nothing to envy is a melodic rock band from Finland.

Through our music, we try to understand ourselves and the world around sometimes even painfully open way.

We perform our music passionately with the best instruments, boutique pedals and tube amplifiers.

Our songs deal with the most important question of them all: what happens to you after you are born? We are looking forward to play them live for you and to record them as an album. First single and video of that set is called "there is no one".

We come from a small town called Karjaa, 80 km west from Helsinki. We have been playing together and separately in different bands during last decades and now the last few years we have been working together on our latest set of songs.

nothing to envy consists of five experienced musician with a passion to play and perform. In order of apperance from left to right:

guitar: Tommi Åkerfelt
drums: Anssi Lehtivuori
vocals and guitar: Kipa Häyrinen
bass: Petri Pousar
keyboards and backing vocals: Vilma Pääkkö